Caviar Shampoo (Horse Shampoo)

Caviar Shampoo (Horse Shampoo)

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EXP: 13 FEB 2020 Per 10 February 2016 It has become BPOM caviar shampoo This is not a shampoo for horses ... But because of the horse's picture so it's called horse shampoo .. This shampoo is famous in Aussie, make your hair thick and strong like horse hair \ = D / BREAKTHROUGH CARE SKIN HEAD AND HAIR ... !! The Caviar Shampoo For Faster Growing Healthier & Volumizing Hair Made in Australia 250ml. Main Functions: - Grow hair 40% faster - Reduce oil levels on the scalp - Prevent baldness - Strengthen hair roots - Grow new hairs so that it is much more dense - Repair damaged hair (dry / dull / branched) due to vise / paint - Overcoming hair branched and broken - restore hair volume - Treat dandruff Promises healthier, stronger and healthier hair with 14 days of use. Regular use will reduce hair loss and fracture by up to 93%, the thickness of the hair elasticity will also increase. For MAXIMUM results, use it regularly every day for 3 months. How to use: Wet the hair and use The Caviar Shampoo, massage gently on the scalp (massage). Let stand 3-5 minutes then rinse with water Rules of use: the first 2 weeks of use every day for adjustment and initial treatment of damaged hair After 2 weeks, may be used 2 days 1 time. Net 250ml
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